(Just picture an old folky guy from the 1950's) Tom Glazer records.
Jim Copp & Ed Brown were the best children's musicians ever!! Their label, Playhouse Records, contains all of the recordings they made from the late 50's to the early 70's.
http://www.smartypantsworld.com Our friend Smarty Pants is a high quality children's entertainer in Chicago.
Chic-A-go-go!!! is a public access show based on Soul Train and Kid-A-go-go and other fun dance shows of yore. Everyone from Snoop Dog to ? and the Mysterians to Beck to Daniel Johnston have been on this show.
Pancake Mountain is Washington D.C.'s answer to Chic-A-go-go's challenge of offering independent access know how to children's entertainment. Give them your money and buy a DVD.